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ME 205

The Simulation of Physical Systems


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Throughout this course you will learn how to create virtual simulations of physical systems.

The majority of this work will be done on UNIX-based computers in the Engineering labs 300 and 300A. The simulation you'll create will consist of three distinct parts:

  • a graphical interface (Labview) that provides virtual instrumentation for input to your system,
  • the computational algorithms (C programs) that define the physics of your simulation,
  • a visualization client (A C++ program using the Inventor graphics library) that dynamically displays the objects of your physical system as they change during the simulation.
Final Projects from Spring '06 ME205

These 3 parts make up the Simulation Model that is the framework for developing these System Simulations.

During this course, you will have the opportunity to produce a project incorporating the concepts and technology covered in the lectures and these web pages.

Should you have any questions, the professor, Dr. Impelluso, is available in his office during class office hours. You can also contact the class TA, George Perrin, with questions on course content.

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