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The multiple GHz clock speeds of a microprocessor'’s internal logic typically cannot be maintained for its off-chip signals. The main bottleneck causing this IC vs. packaging performance gap is the electrical properties of interconnects and packages. They behave as distributed circuits, causing reflections, attenuation, dispersion, and crosstalk. Moreover, high-speed digital signals are affected by power supply noise, and cause increased electromagnetic interference due to discontinuities in the transmission-line reference planes.

Dr. Engin's research is in the area of electromagnetic interference with focus on signal/power integrity modeling and numerical electromagnetics applied to microelectronic packages and 3D stacked ICs. He has been researching new modeling and analysis methodologies for electrical design of interconnects, packages, and power delivery networks and has developed novel algorithms and design tools for advanced packaging that enables high-speed and high-performance systems.




Current Students

Francisco Coronado, MS

Passive Scalar Function Approximation Using SOS Polynomials

Jose Tomimatzu, MS

Vector-Fitting Lawson Algorithm for Stable Macromodeling of Microwave Network Parameters by Pole Projection

Past Students

Andrew MA, MS Spring 2022

A Novel Method of Rational Function Approximation Using Orthogonalized Polynomials with Real Coefficients

Daniel Deaton, MS (Project) Spring 2022

Stable SK Iteration for Macromodeling of Microwave Network Parameters

Alvaro Valera-Rivera, MS (Project) Spring 2021

"AAA Algorithm for Stable Macromodeling of Microwave Network Parameters "

Vandana Gowda, MS Spring 2021, employed by Intel

"Signal Integrity Design and Characterization of PCB Vias and Traces up to 110 GHz"

Will Alarcon, MS Fall 2020, employed by Cubic

"Design of a Unique EBG Structure for Common-Mode Filtering in Differential Signals "

Robert B. Paul, MS Spring 2020, employed by Kyocera

"Dielectric Characterization of Flip-Chip Underfill and Packaging Substrates at Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Frequencies "

Dylan Morris, M.Engr. Spring 2019, employed by Northrop Grumman

"Electromagnetic Band Gap Structures and Their Application for Ultra-High Frequency Radio Frequency Identification in Asset Management"

Nisarg Modi, MS Spring 2018, employed by Intel

"Stepped-Impedance Common-Mode Filter in Differential Lines"

Qianfei Su, MS Spring 2017, employed by FormFactor

"Filled-Cavity Resonator Method for Complex Permittivity Measurement"

Chris Ferguson, MS Spring 2015, employed by Qualcomm

"Virtual Ground Fence Options for Shielding Power Plane Noise"

Hansel Dsilva, MS Fall 2015, employed by Intel

"High-Frequency Chip Package Characterization"

Eva Kozachenko, MS Spring 2014, employed by Rockwell Collins

"Passive Macromodeling Methodology For High-Speed Interconnects"

Courtney Bentow, MS Spring 2014, employed by L-3 Communications

"Coaxial And Parallel Plate Electrode Design And Measurement For Electroporation "

Jesse Bowman, MS Fall 2012, employed by Cubic

"The Virtual Ground Fence: A Micro-Strip Filtering Method Implemented Into Power Filter Design"

Srinidhi Raghavan N., MS Spring 2012, employed by Xilinx

"High-Frequency Signal Propagation in Through-Silicon Vias"

Oluwafemi Akinwale, MS Fall 2011, employed by Intel

"A Novel Approach to Characterization of Frequency Dependent Losses in Transmission Lines"

Pavithra Pasunoori, MS Fall 2010, employed by Quadgen Wireless Solutions

"Designing an Electro-Magnetic Simulator for Extraction of Material Properties of FR-4 And Low-Loss Materials"