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Luciano Demasi

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Research Group: Past Members

Alberto Varello (Nov '08- Jun '09)

Alberto Varello

Alberto Varello joined the computational aeroelasticity and structural dynamics research group at San Diego State University in the Fall of 2008. His research project was about the creation of a multi-fidelity advanced beam model for aeroelastic applications. This effort was a joint research project with the university Politecnico di Torino (Italy) (Prof. Erasmo Carrera) and the Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor (Luxembourg) (Dr. Gaetano Giunta). Alberto Varello graduated in July '09 in Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico di Torino with 110/110 Magna cum Laude (Award for Excellence). His Master of Science Thesis had the following title: “An Advanced Aeroelastic Model for the Analysis of Beam-Like Structures”. Alberto Varello's research work has been presented at an International conference and will be soon submitted for journal publication:

Alberto Varello is currently pursuing doctorate studies in Aerospace Engineering at both Politecnico di Torino (Italy) and Universit้ Pierre ed Marie Curie - Paris 06 (France) (joint doctoral program). His current research work is about the “ Advanced Aeroelastic Models Applied to Slender Bodies for Aerospace Structures”. He will spend a second research period at SDSU in 2011-2012. Alberto's experience is presented below:

“ Since the beginning Prof. Demasi has been very helpful. My very first day in San Diego he invited me at the university and showed me all its services and facilities. It was great and unbelievable, because the typical Italian campus does not offer so many opportunities. I was given an office in the computational aeroelasticity and structural dynamics lab, where I could study and work on my thesis. I will always remember all those afternoons in his office talking about my work and practical problems of a new life in San Diego. Prof. Demasi has always been willing to give me many practical suggestions about my work and even beyond. In that period Dr. Demasi has been so kind to give me the opportunity to live the interdisciplinary working environment at SDSU Aerospace Engineering Department, meeting professors and students. I've been pleasantly impressed by the serenity of atmosphere, which I consider a requirement for a good and quiet working. Attending the “Aeroelasticity” class at SDSU and working with Prof. Demasi made me realize once again how Aeroelasticity is fascinating. Furthermore, at the Department he invited me to a number of interesting seminars very useful to extend my knowledge on Engineering problems. The collaboration with Prof. Demasi will continue in my current doctoral studies.

The SDSU campus looks like a small city able to offer all the facilities a student needs. For the spare time, there are many athletichs/sport facilities such as gym, swimming pools, tennis, football and baseball courts. Concerts and basketball mathches take place both in the Viejas Arena and Open Air Theater. The campus is well connected to the city by many bus and trolley routes. It is a few minutes far from the beaches, Downtown, the marvellous Balboa Park and the other tourist attractions of San Diego. It was my very first time in USA and was an exciting experience. San Diego offers a number of places to visit and breathtaking views. San Diego's county presents a perfect combination of scenaries: ocean, desert, lakes and mountain. It really impressed a nature lover as me. It was awesome surfing and skying in the same weekend! The californian people were friendly during all my stay and that was the best condition to have for a person like me so far from home. Finally, one of the most pleasant aspects was the mild weather, even better than my lovely Italy.

Alberto Varello

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Samarth Bhasin

Kurt Hasslinger

Luca Cigolini

John Kucharski

Joseph Marrocco

Luciano Demasi's Current Research Projects

Reduced Order Models for Nonlinear Aeroelastic Problems, Dynamic aeroelasticity, Advanced formulations for multifidelity models of composite structures

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